Hopes and Goals for 2007

I read with a mixture of admiration and envy of my writer friend Ted Mahsun on what a good year he has had in 2006 in terms of writing.

As such, he has motivated me to achieve the same for next year – so I have set a list of hopes and goals for 2007.

1. Set the target of planning and writing 6 short stories.

2. Developing a story frame work for my novel and seriously finish writing the first and second chapters of it.

3. Complete the 30 Books to read challenge – 2 to 3 books per month

4. Write a simple book review of each of the 30 books that I read this year.

5. Attend or organise writer meet-ups.

6. Write 10 poems and perform at least one in public

7. Attend the short seminars/talks at MPH’s KL Writers Club.  

8. Develop or write a few short plays and submit them to any of the theatre groups.

9. Never stop writing and reading no matter how tired or exhausted I am – either on blogs, in my writer’s pad or exercise books.


2 responses to “Hopes and Goals for 2007

  1. That’s a lot of reading

    Too bad it doesn’t work by osmosis, I’d be a genius

  2. I’m glad I motivated you, Mr. P. Good luck with the resolutions! I’ll be matching your 6 short stories before the end of ’07… this is a challenge! *shwing*

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