On This Dreary Night

On this dreary night
Shadows cloud the mind
In fear, I paw for the light
Wanting to beat back the tide of time

On this dreary night
Slumber has left my side
My soul yearns to rest right
Yet in this life I still abide

And on this dreary night
I cry out in surrender, in fright
Try as I might
I think I am losing all fight

To be free from the shackles of life
Oh, how I long to take flight
To flee my tumultuous hive
On this dreary night…

– by Philipp C.K. Gan, 19 July 2007, 3.24am.


One response to “On This Dreary Night

  1. There poped up and spread
    Burst thought in my head
    Why people have fear
    The clock answer me by its ticking

    On this dreary night
    It pull me back too far
    Addicted to the dark world
    Yet I am bound to obey

    And on this dreary night
    I scream but nobody cares
    Do my best
    Yet, it’s not enough

    Suck my soul out from this mortal body
    Take me in your wings
    Let me feel the wind between my hair
    Maybe this dreary nite, not so dreary after all

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